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We specialize in trademark law. This allows us to file our trademark applications effectively and keep our prices low.

Basic Federal Database Search - $99
> Federal Trademark Databases (direct hits and close marks)
- Search for direct and near hits and for phonetic equivalents.
- Clear for common Trademark Office rejections, including:
- Check for descriptiveness
- Check for surname issues
- Check for geographic descriptiveness
- Check for scandalous mark

  Comprehensive Trademark Search - $379
> Basic Federal Database Search (above), plus search of:
- Internet
- Worldwide Website Name Database

File a Trademark / Service Mark - $199*
>Professional Preparation of Federal Trademark Application
- Application made by an attorney specializing in trademark law
- Application details sent to you in 5 business days
- Legal analysis of any trademark searches you have done
- After your approval, application sent to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Complete Trademark Search & Registration - $499*
Includes all of the above services ($677 value for $499)
> Comprehensive Trademark Search - $379
> File a Trademark / Service Mark - $199*

4. Trademark Options
$150 - Service for both trademark & logo.
$99/year - Trademark maintenance & support**:


*Government filing fees for trademark application are $325 per class extra.
** Filing fees after 5 or 10 years are extra.