What is a “Search” and why is it important?

The trademark or business name that you create may seem unique. You may have searched the Internet or looked around for similar products and not found anything like your name. There may still be the same or similar names in use, possibly for different but related products or services. The owners of these names might have pre-existing rights. It is always wise to have a professional search done to reduce the chances that you might use someone else’s mark. If there are possible problems with the name you have created, you have the chance to modify it before investing in a name that you might have to change later.

We review national trademark records, the Internet and domain names to determine if anyone has registered your name or mark, as well as whether they may be currently using it or a similar mark, but have not yet filed to register it (a so-called "common law" trademark).

Order a Comprehensive Trademark Search

Our Comprehensive Trademark Search helps you protect your corporate name or mark and protect yourself from lawsuits by other companies claiming trademark infringement. The search also gives you the security of knowing that the money you invest in your trademark will not be lost by either your application being rejected based on someone else's registered trademark or being forced to change your trademark.

This search includes:

The results of our Comprehensive Trademark Search is available within five business days.