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Why Apply to Register a Federal Trademark?
Advantages of filing a trademark application

Benefits of Applying for a Trademark Registration

  1. National Protection
    Registering your mark allows you to stop anyone who attempts to use or register a similar mark. A registered national trademark holder has priority nationwide when there are any conflicts between businesses with the same or similar names. Five years after registration a trademark automatically becomes incontestable, eliminating nearly any trademark infringement defense.

  2. National Notification
    When you apply for a Federal trademark registration, all companies in the United States are considered on notice of your rights in your trademark. They cannot claim ignorance once the registration issues. In addition, obtaining a Federal registration allows you to use the ® trademark symbol for your name and logo.

  3. Increased Value for your Company
    Trademarks are "intangible" assets that build the value of your company. If you decide to sell your business or to take it public, registered trademarks will add to your company's value.

  4. Domain Name Protection
    If someone tries to register a domain name that infringes on your trademark, you may be able to shut down the webiste based on your trademark registration. This benefit makes trademarks important for Internet businesses where confusing names could direct traffic away from your web site.

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